The Broken Process Fix

Diagnostic Masterclass for Business Leaders

How To Fix Your Broken Business Processes
Without Creating Chaos
And Do It In A Way That Sidesteps
(Almost All) Resistance Even If You’ve Tried Before

  • Are you absolutely DONE with excuses and blame-shifting?
  • Would you do anything to get rid of overcomplicated workflows?
  • Does the thought of chasing down one more unsent invoice or unpaid bill make you want to quit your job and sign up as a Walmart greeter?

If you said yes, I understand. I have worked in chaotic places without any processes and bureaucratic places with ridiculously overcomplicated processes. I’ve even been frustrated enough to step outside during lunch to scream.

My interest in processes started in my first internship where I documented a complex system. My boss logged me onto this decrepit system and asked me to take screen shots and paste them into a document. I would repeat these steps a thousand times.

Being an eager-beaver intern, I said, “Sure!” I did it 10 times and lost my enthusiasm. I calculated that I would be doing the same thing for the next 48 days. 9 long boring weeks. An internship where I would learn zero new skills; I had known how to copy and paste for many years already.

I realized that the 30-step process for each screen was a 5-step process repeated 6 times. And then I had a beautiful idea. I could put together a macro that condensed the 5-step process into a single action. Developing the macro took a half day. On the first day of using my macro, I was completing screens in 15 minutes each, and by the end of the first week, I was documenting each screen in 5 minutes.

Three weeks later, the manager asked how the documentation was coming along. I really enjoyed saying, “I finished it this morning. Do you have something else I can work on?”

I still replay that moment in my mind.

I have used that same framework hundreds of times in dozens of companies. And now I am sharing it with you.

But first, I have to address 2 myths that strangle many business transformations in the cradle … 

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There Are Two Big Obstacles
to Fixing Broken Processes

The Myth of The Magic Methodology

Just wave your magic Six Sigma/Lean/Agile/Scrum/CMMI/BPR wand around and Bibbidy-Bobiddy-Boo! The processes are all fixed. Or are they? Sometimes they look like they appear fixed at first, but as the consultant leaves and the clock strikes midnight, they turn back into normal broken processes.

The Myth of The Other SAAS (Software-As-A-Savior)

Choose the right software package (TIBCO Nimbus Control, say, or Jira) and it will swoop in and rescue you from the chaos you live in. Sorry, no. Turns out that automating chaos just gives you more chaos faster.

Methodologies and software can be very helpful, but they will not fix broken processes on their own. If you are one of the thousands whose process improvement ships have run aground on these myths, now you know. There is a better way.

Introducing the Broken Process Fix

the LIVE masterclass that will clarify the exact nature of your process challenge without wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on rigid methodologies and expensive software so that you can stop fighting fires and start moving your company forward.

60-minute masterclass addressing real-world problems that you are coping with now.

Road-tested actionable solutions so that you can start applying the solutions the next day.

Opportunity for hot-seat diagnostic of a problem process in your workplace if you attend live.


Bonus #1: Process Prescription

A workbook that you can use to diagnose any broken process and determine the first step towards fixing it. (Value $49.99)

Bonus #2: Resistance Busters

An executive summary of methods to minimize resistance including a worksheet to help you apply it to your workplace. (Value $24.97)

Are You Ready to Stop Playing Whack-A-Mole?

If you are ready to stop working on the same problems every week and start creating real solutions, you can get started right away with The Broken Process Fix. Even better, you can get it for a Black Friday sale price of $47 for a limited time only. 

Join me live Monday, December 4 at 4 pm CST,
or watch the replay at your convenience.

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Ken Sewell

KRS Consulting

I hired Leila to help me turn around an unprofitable company. Her process analysis and repair skills are remarkable. I  have never met anyone with her ability to walk into a business, look around and quickly, accurately diagnose process problems.

Michael McLeod, Ph.D.

Conroe Independent School District

Leila's unique combination of analytic and interpersonal skills make her the ideal person when you are ready to transform your organization.

Mark Mathias

Founder and President
Remarkable STEAM

Leila was great to work with. She is smart, was always clear with what she wanted, had great ideas, was receptive to input, an excellent planner, and was always able to work through problems with positive results.