Site Shortcodes

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[my-company-legal-name]: Analytic Discovery
[my-company-state]: Texas,
[my-company-country]: United States
[my-support-email]: support@analyticdiscovery.com
[my-support-phone]: none
[my-copywrite-agent]: Leila Merritt
[my-copywrite-agent-email]: support@analyticdiscovery.com
[my-site-name]: Analytic Discovery
[my-site-tagline]: Where Vision Meets Precision: The Art and Science of Business Transformation

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[wpautoterms site_name]: Analytic Discovery
[wpautoterms site_url]: analyticdiscovery.com
[wpautoterms company_name]: Analytic Discovery

Static Shortcodes

[year]: 2024
[date-today]: 6/19/2024
[post-published]: 12/1/2022

Encode email addresses

[email]someone@gmail.com[/email]: someone@gmail.com